Recorder Program


The joy of learning correlates closely to all-round learning, and this where the Recorder Program is a blissful one for Students & schools alike.

Advantages for Students

Inculcate confidence and interaction

● Goes beyond the conventional classroom & kids get to experience the joy of learning an instrument

● Gives them a platform for personal expression

● Sets them in the direction of picking up a hobby or developing a talent

Fostering Non-cognitive skills

● Children get a chance to build on cognitive & communication skills

● They get an opportunity to be creative

● Students learn to be disciplined and show effort to learn

● Students believe in their ability to succeed

Skill development with interactive and fun based pedagogy

● A child improves their fluency in reading & communicating

● Gains the confidence of expression

● Inculcates 21st century learning skill

● Understand the fundamentals of Music Education

● Pick up on Musical concepts for foundational learning

● Students learn social skills while playing in groups

Builds the social outlook

● A child gets a worldview into working & enjoying time with a team

● Playing together promotes social harmony, group learning & encourages discipline

● Children feel more ready to take on newer challenges & lead with a positive attitude

Advantages for Schools

Low-Cost implication

● The program costs are within the reach of most parents

Structured Courseware

● Instrument and books provided by Yamaha

Positions school as a leader

● Innovation in education is key to uphold the vision of wholesome learning

Maintaining the trust of Parents

● Parents are always searching for new & creative avenues to help their children learning, With the Recorder Program parents can find a new dimension in their students personality.

Training for teachers provided

● The Teachers are supported and trained by professional Yamaha staff so they can transfer the training seamlessly to the students