Recorder Program

Introduction to the Program

The recorder is a small instrument which is easy to blow & finger

● This instrument demonstrates accurate intonation & produces rich sound

● Soprano Recorder is the most widely used.

A recorder acts as a starting instrument

● Ideal for young students.

● Ideal for those who want to pursue other wind instrument.

● Great for those who want to join a band or orchestra in later years.

Ideal preliminary music learning

● Develops musical sensibilities & teaches note reading.

● Concepts like rhythm, melody, pitch etc. are taught.

Instruments & Books provided

● Certificate upon completion of every book

Why opt for the Recorder Program?

The program is easy on the pocket, interesting to learn and the instrument is the easiest to manage!

Low Cost & Easy Acceptance

● Structured course ware

● Teacher training provided.

● Explore the world of music education in a cost friendly way.

Low maintenance instrument

● High on portability.

● Excellent playability.

Early Introduction to Notation

● Build a child’s soft skills early on

● Introduce musical concepts

● Develop motor skills

A unique offering for children & students

● Attractive to play

● Increases a child’s confidence

● Prepares them for more complex instruments