Recorder Program for Academic School

Music Education helps students Destress, Engage and Concentrate during this difficult time

Fostering music education through structured approach

Currently more than 150 schools and 7000 students are learning the recorder under our Recorder Program.


  • The Recorder is a small instrument that is easy to blow and finger.
  • It is a great first instrument for young students.
  • Students learn about basic musical concepts such an rhythm, melody, harmony, pitch, etc. and are introduced to basic music note reading.
  • The recorder is a great preliminary instrument to learning a band or orchestral instrument in subsequent years.

Why Recorder Program

Why Recorder Program

Learning Kit

Learning Kit

Benefits of Recorder Program

Introduction of structured course ware for recorders. Early introduction to learn music through fun based methods.
Low cost implication on school. Will be able to take up assessment exams with the possibility of getting UCAS points
Position school as leader in introducing innovative programs. Cost friendly and easy to maintain instrument. 
Cost effective and easy to convince parents about the program. Ability to learn preparatory notation and build foundation for music.
Opportunity to receive teacher training and guidance of running the course from Yamaha. Post recorder students can easily learn instruments like guitar, keyboard, drums. Also forming Marching band in near future.

Covid Assistance

Covid Assistance

Students Playing Recorder

Recorder Program offers the best way for academic schools to address the issue of starting music education at grassroot level. The way our course has been designed makes sure the foundation is strong and students can learn, play and perform. Students post learning the recorder can migrate to other instruments like Keyboard, Guitar, Drum, Piano, Wind Instruments etc.

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