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25/8/2011 [Pro Audio Projects]

BETHEL MINISTRIES is an impressive building, the cathedral went under complete revamp with the support of Yamaha dealers in the region M/s Audio Wizard and designed and installed under the expert guidance of one of the leading Sound Engineer from SAE and owner of M/s Audio Wizard Mr. Nitesh Ahuja. When you walk into the Cathedral you still get the sense of awe that its builders intended.

The Challenge was to distribute high quality audio accurately and equally throughout the building which is a perennial problem for all large, enclosed structures in order to boast an audio system that truly matches its architectural brilliance, thanks to Yamaha and audio specialists M/s Audio Wizard.

Products Used :

  •     IM8-40       X 1
  •     IF2115M     X 4
  •     S55            X 2
  •     MSR100      X 2
  •     HS50M        X 2
  •     PC200IN      X 1
  •     PC6501N     X 1
  •     P2500S       X 1
  •     SP2060       X 1
  •     Q2031B      X 2
  •     REV100      X 2
  •     RH5MA       X 1




Bethel Ministries, Chandanagar, Hyderabad, India has a church ministry apart from many other ministries. As part of church premises extension we sought to go for a modern looking auditorium type of church. They went about completing a fully sound proof acoustic church powered by Yamaha Products which is state of art & one of its kinds in India.

"We had a real audio challenge that needed to be solved effectively, but without allowing a complex audio system to impose upon the beauty of the cathedral," as per Mr. Nitesh Ahuja.

The high Quality Installation Speakers would have little impact if the audio reaching them wasn't of the highest quality. Key to the system is Yamaha's Improved efficiency EEEngine Installation Amplifiers, a powerful and versatile amplification system. The cathedral is now home to the high quality mixing console IM8-40 with Yamaha signal processors, which form the backbone of the audio distribution system.




One of the main reasons Yamaha products were selected was that the audio system has to be extremely versatile. The cathedral is a central part of the local community and many different kinds of services and gatherings take place there. Each requires the audio to be distributed differently.

Despite being an extremely sophisticated network, the system is designed to be operated from a FOH control room. "It was important that the entire audio system could be operated by absolutely anyone" it allows compete control over all aspects of the sound via just a few clearly marked buttons that adjust the desired points of audio focus."




System Designer/Integrator/Supplier:

M/s Audio Wizard



HYDERABAD - 500029


Site Details:

Bethel Ministries

1-119/1, Opp Bharat Petrol Bunk

Chanda Nagar, Hyderabad - 500 050

Andhra Pradesh, INDIA



President & Pastor - Mr. G. PETER SAMUEL

Sound Engineer - Mr. G. DANIEL NAVAJEEVAN


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