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12 Input Channels, 8 D-Pre Discrete Class-A Microphone Preamps, 2 Stereo Line Inputs.
16in/16out through FireWire Audio Interface, and 5.1 Surround Monitoring Capability.

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This elusive but essential ingredient can mean the difference between recording a memo or a masterpiece. It's not just you, or the gear you use, but a synergetic connection between the two. The Yamaha n-series Digital Mixing Studios have been created primarily to make that connection easier to achieve. Obviously the equipment won't make the music for you, but bad sound and/or complicated procedures will certainly dampen your inspiration and enthusiasm. That's why the n8 and n12 have been designed from the ground up to make recording and mixing a creative joy rather than a technical hassle. You'll sound good, and you'll be able to create the moods and textures you're after with minimum effort ... in short, you'll feel great about the whole process so your talent can really shine. Inspiration can be unreliable, but when it strikes the Yamaha n-series Digital Mixing Studios let you capture it in all its creative glory.


Great Mixes Begin with a Great Preamp

- Musically Tuned Class-A Discrete Mic Preamp with Inverted Darlington Circuitry Design -

Almost invariably, your sound - your art - will start out as an analog signal. Whether it's your voice, sax, guitar, piano, or even most electronic keyboards, you'...

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