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Two-Way Design with Outstanding Linearity and Broad Coverage

This speaker employs a precision waveguide horn to deliver uniform sound pressure through the service area in installed applications.

Yamaha Speakers for Commercial Installations [English] Yamaha Speakers for Commercial InstallationsPDF [7.7MB]
S55 / S15 Brochure [English] S55 / S15 BrochurePDF [3.5MB]
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The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

"Wide waveguide horn" produces an ideal spherical wave that delivers consistent acoustical energy and flat frequency response.
Advanced two-way design employs high-quality components for smooth, flat response. Emphasis on natural reproduction has resulted in luxurious lows and an extended high-frequency range. Input capacity of up to 250 watts provides plenty of playback power for medium-sized or large retail establishments, CD shops, or rehearsal/karaoke studios.
Both woofer and tweeter are high input capacity units designed for extended reliability. A protection circuit is also provided.
Magnetic shielding allows placement near monitor displays.
The S55 can be positioned vertically or horizontally. A variety of installation brackets are available as options.

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Seminar and Training for Professional Audio products at Raipur

Inviting all members of Professional Audio community for Seminar and Training at Raipur on December 10, 2014

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