Amit Kilam


Amit Kilam

Amit is into metal machinery. We suspect that his first love affair was actually with his drum kit. He's into technology in a big way, but also loves traveling, driving, doing jungle-stuff, taking pictures and going to the movies. He’s an actor and a keen observer of personality quirks and accents.

He also knows the price of every make and brand of white goods on the market, as well as the price of every single camera in

every single country in the world. He’s probably the only business-oriented person in the band.

Unlike the others, he attends every single religious festival invented, or to be invented. He's by far (though there's really no competition here) the best dressed and best-looking guy in the band.

According to Amit, he's "a guitarist by nature and drummer by profession", but we feel he can pretty much get a tune out of anything that doesn't move fast enough. Amit loves listening to various kinds of music – Hindi filmi, rock, pop – his favorites are A R Rahman, Trilok Gurtu and Deep Purple.