Yamaha Music India Private Limited (“Yamaha”) may collect certain information using cookies and similar technologies for the purpose of analyzing your status of use of the websites, providing each customer with more customized services and advertisements, or for other purposes.

This “About use of cookies and similar technologies” (this “Cookie Policy”) describes cookies and similar technologies used in connection with websites managed by Yamaha.

Information independently obtained by cookies and similar technologies does not include personal data; however, such information may be used in combination with membership information for membership services, etc. provided by Yamaha, for the purposes of use provided for in the personal data protection policy.

Cookies and similar technologies are used for the following purposes:

  • Saving your web browsing history, settings, and the like using cookies on your device enables you to avoid repeatedly entering the same information and enables you to use services that retain data from your previous visits.

  • Yamaha may conduct online questionnaires, etc. in order to improve or develop products and services using cookie information generated by third parties affiliated with Yamaha.

    Also, companies providing advertisement distribution services affiliated with Yamaha may distribute advertisements about places or content that customers may be interested in using the aforementioned cookie information.

    Each company providing advertisement distribution services affiliated with Yamaha administers and manages cookie information transmitted by Yamaha and each company in accordance with a personal data protection policy set out by each company.

  • Yamaha may use information collected using cookies and similar technologies in order to improve websites where the information is collected or to improve or develop products and services provided by Yamaha, by analyzing such information and ascertaining your status of use (access status, traffic, routing, and the like) of the websites.

    Information may be provided to a company providing analyzing tools used by Yamaha for the purposes stated above.

About cookies

Yamaha uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that include arbitrary characters instead of personal data and are stored on your device through interaction between the webserver for this website and your internet browsing software (your browser) when you visit this website. Using characters written in cookies enables Yamaha to provide you with more appropriate services and content.

Disabling cookies

Cookies remain on your device until you delete them, or a specified valid period expires.

With respect to the transmission and storage of cookies, you may set your browser in advance to show whether a website uses cookies or to reject the receipt of cookies. Please note that certain functions that can be used on some websites (including this website) may be restricted if you set your browser not to use cookies. Please refer to the “Help” feature of your browser for information related to these functions.

About beacons

Web beacons (sometimes called pixel tags or clear GIFs) include graphics that are not intended for customers. Tracking links and/or any similar technologies include several lines of programming code, which may be embedded in Yamaha’s websites or mobile applications. This technology is mainly used for the purposes of statistical analysis in combination with cookies. This technology can also be used for tracking traffic patterns on websites, as well as sending notifications with respect to emails that are received and opened and checking if any questions, etc. included in emails are already answered.

Disabling beacons

If a beacon is incorporated into online content, you may reject the beacon by disabling cookies for individual services, as mentioned below. Beacons in emails can be generally disabled if you do not download images included in messages you receive; however, the ability to use this method depends on how your email software functions, so in some cases, this method cannot disable beacons. In such a cases, please suspend distribution arrangements for the email newsletter you subscribe to itself.

Main companies providing advertisement distribution services affiliated with Yamaha and how to suspend distribution of information

Main behavioral online analysis tools affiliated with Yamaha and how to suspend distribution of information

Name of analysis tools Description Method of suspension
Google Analytics https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245 https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout
Facebook pixel https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/ https://www.facebook.com/ds/preferences/edit/
Firebase https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/ You can suspend distribution of information from the setting screen in the mobile application.
Treasure Data https://www.treasuredata.com/privacy/ Please read “Disabling cookies” above and set your browser not to use cookies.

Other technologies used in connection with distribution and acquisition of information

The following information is only obtained if it is necessary for services provided by products or software.

  • Connection to Bluetooth wireless communication

    Your device’s Bluetooth wireless communication functions are used to operate equipment that supports Bluetooth communication.

  • Access to information regarding music on your device

    Some products and software access information regarding music on your device, enabling your device to display lists of, play, and edit playlists of music on your device.

  • Location information

    Yamaha may obtain information about your location using GPS or other technologies that are installed on products.