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PSS series inspires musicality in your kids Make them maestros with our video tutorials. Play, learn, and collaborate with the PSS series

Want to have fun with you lil champ. Enjoy the fun games with PSS-E30 Remie. A unique experience of playing for age group of 2 to 5 year old.

A masterpiece for kids with age 5 to 7 years. The kids can enjoy the Indian music along with western beats and some essential basic of keyboard learning


Help your kids learn the basics of the PSS series with these amazing tutorial videos and watch them become future musical geniuses.


Teach your kids the building blocks of music with an hour of practice every day.

Learn. And master.

Explore the new world of sound and help your child stimulate their senses with fun nursery rhymes.

Begin on a high note

Help your kids practice and play with the amazing quiz mode,which helps them build a musical sense and sharpens their memory.

Brings music to
your child's ear

Connectivity. Comfort. Carefree. Know all the ins and outs of the PSS series.

Strike the right note

Test your child's musical skills and analyze what they have learnt. This episode will teach you how and what to do.

Sa Re Ga Ma

This episode will give all the nuances of Indian classical music to your kids. It also offers a wide selection of various features along with poems.

Add metronome to your child's musical touch

Learn new features, voices and poems with new variations in sounds and help your child explore it and add musicality to their persona.

Add rhythm to
your hymns

Not just poems, the PSS series also has a large variety of Indian bhajans and heritage music, which is important for your child to understand India's art and culture.

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