Teens Rock 6 : The Battle of Bands

Terms and Conditions for Finale

1. All participating school bands must be accompanied by their school music teacher.

2. During the competition respective school teachers will be responsible for the students of their respective school bands.

3. Band members should be the same throughout the events – from Auditions to the Grand Finale.

4. One person can participate in one group only.

5. Band members have to provide scanned photo identity of school and residence proof.

6. Vocal effects - Only basic vocal effects like reverb, delay will be allowed - no vocal enhancing digital effects will be allowed (e.g.: Vocal pitch shifters not allowed). Bands will be required to declare what hardware and effects they will use and final call on what effects can be used and what can’t, will rest with YMIN.

7. Every instrument must be tuned before going on stage on Grand Finale. Tuning of instruments and Sound check will not be allowed on stage for final performance on Grand Finale.

8. Use of Keyboards and synthesizers would be limited to human playing only. No pre-recorded styles would be allowed. Use of Performance Assistance Technology or “quantised” music is also not allowed. Main rhythm or beat cannot be generated and automatically played on the synthesizer.

9. YMIN reserves the right to use participants’ pictures, song and video performances for public relations and promotional purposes.

10. Yamaha Music India reserves the right to change any of the information given herein without any prior notice.

Teens Rock 6: FAQs

(Please refer to this document when approached by bands for Teens Rock)

A: Teens Rock- The Battle of Bands is organized by Yamaha Music India to encourage amateur bands from Academic School. The contest starts out with a hunt for amateur bands in North India, East India, North-East India, Central India and South India. Teens Rock is an opportunity for amateur bands to take their music to an international level. “Teens Rock – Battle of Bands”

A: Any academic school bands can apply. All band members must be a student of the participating academic School.

A: All genres of music except European Classical Music

English, Hindi and Indian Regional Languages

20 minutes in total will be provided during auditions in which bands has to do its sound check and performance.

In grand finale 10 minutes will be provided for performance. Sound check will be done before the event.

A: Auditions will be held at Yamaha Music Square/ Yamaha Music Station in your city. (Attached file for your reference)

Grand Finale will be held in Bangalore.

A: Band Registrations: At “Yamaha Music Square”

Auditions – Live performance by band before judges and small audience.

Grand Finale – Live performance by band before judges and large audience.

A: Categories:

Best Band

1st Runner up Band

2nd Runner up Band


Best Band: Yamaha Music Lab Kit worth Rs.2,40,00/- and a chance to perform in Palm Expo 2020 in Mumbai.

1st Runner Up Band: Yamaha Music Lab Kit worth Rs. 1,60,000/-

2nd Runner Up Band: Yamaha Music Lab Kit worth Rs. 94,000/-

Trophies for winners.

A: In case your school wins the competition then the prizes will be provided by Yamaha Music Square/ Yamaha Music

Station of your city, where you have registered for the competition.

A: Visit “Yamaha Music Square” in your city

Download the form

Fill the registration form (with short biography of band)

Submit the completed form to Yamaha Music Square

You can also email filled registration form to email address provided by Yamaha Music Square.

A: No, there are no charges for registration.

A: Registrations: Unlimited

Grand Finale – Bands (qualified from Auditions)

A: Grand Finale: 2000-3000

A: All kinds of musical instruments are allowed. For grand finale, Yamaha guitars, basses, keyboards and drums would be provided at venue. For other instruments (Tabla, Dholak etc.), band needs to declare on registration form and carry their own instruments

For Auditions – Bands can use instruments of other brands also.

For Grand Finale – Only Yamaha instruments will be allowed (and provided) (except instruments not manufactured by Yamaha – e.g.: tabla)

A: 3 to 8 persons with each member contributing through musical instrument or vocal performance.

A: Judges will be well known musician celebrities. Technical/Playing skills, song composition and stage presence will contribute to judgement criteria.

Grand Finale will be judged by renowned Artists like Gino Banks, Gulraj Singh and Rhythm Shaw.

A: Yes, for the Grand Finale Travel, Stay and Yamaha Instruments (except instruments not manufactured by Yamaha) will be provided.