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Want to have fun with you lil champ. Enjoy the fun games with PSS-E30 Remie. A unique experience of playing for age group of 2 to 5 year old.

A masterpiece for kids with age 5 to 7 years. The kids can enjoy the Indian music along with western beats and some essential basic of keyboard learning


Help your kids learn the basics of the PSS series with these amazing tutorial videos and watch them become future musical geniuses.

Feature-rich. Kid-friendly. Keyboard.

Introduction to keys with the PSS series. Learn the names of notes and finger positions and also check out the beautiful library of songs.

Learn. And master.

Explore the unique features of PSS-E30. Try the SFX kits. Play and have fun with the sounds. Also now its time to learn the popular nursery rhymes. ( Functions specific to PSS-E30.)

Begin on a high note

Let have some fun on the weekend and play "Story of the Jungle" with your little bees. A fun game full of funny and interesting sounds will help you to spend quality time with your kid ( Only PSS-E30 users). Also, don't forget to learn the poems.

Brings music to
your child’s ear

It's important for you to know the connectivity in PSS. Check out a unique way to use PSS while traveling or at home. Also, don't forget to try the new poems.

Access to Episode 1 is free

Check out how easy it is to learn the keyboard with these tutorials.

Strike the right note

Take a recap of the notes and remember to repeat the exercise along with finger positions.

Sa Re Ga Ma

PSS series is full of distinctive features, know how to select a voice and how to use sustain. Now its time to learn the Major scales of western and Indian music. ( Functions specific to PSS-F30.)

Add metronome to your child’s musical touch

Try metronome in PSS-F30 and also learn to select styles. Try the new Indian voices and styles. From Pop/Rock (play) to Country (Play) to Dance & Disco (Play) all the way to Indian styles like Bhajans, Bhangra, and Bollywood (Functions specific to PSS-F30.)

Add rhythm to
your hymns

Now you are at the last level of learning PSS. Try Indian Bhajan with harmonium and also learn festival poems.

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