Setup Guide


How can I add a new MusicCast device?

Press the settings icon on the room screen and enter "Add New Device". Complete setup following instruction on app.

How can I change the room name and room photo?

Press and hold the room cell, the settings menu will pop up. Enter "Room Settings" and change room name and photo.

How can I use a photo stored in my Smartphone for the room screen?

Press and hold the room cell, the settings menu will pop up. Enter "Room Photo" in the settings menu, then you will see "Select from Photo Library" at the bottom of the page.

How can I change the room screen background colour to white?

Press the settings icon on the room screen and enter "App Settings". Then you will see "Background colour of Room Screen".

How can I set up MusicCast for other smartphone besides mine?

Connect the smartphone with the router. Download the MusicCast app(MusicCast CONTROLLER) from the app store. Press "Connect to existing system" in the app's splash screen.

How can I change the order of the room cells?

Press the settings icon on the room screen and enter "App Settings". Press "Sorting" and change the order by drag-and-drop.

How can I change the order of the source (input) cells?

Press and hold the source (input) cell. Drag-and-drop to change the order.

How can I rename the source (input)?

Press the settings icon on the room screen and select the room. Enter "Edit Sources"and press the source (input) you want to rename.

How can I hide a source (input) which I don't use?

Press the settings icon on the room screen and select the room. In "Edit Sources", press "Minus Icon" on the left side and "Hide" on the right. You will see the hidden sources at the bottom.

Do MusicCast products have an Auto Power Standby function?

All MusicCast products have an Auto Power Standby function. Power shuts off automatically when there is no music signal for 20 minutes.

Is it possible to reduce the size of the room cell so that I can see more rooms on the screen?

You can change the size by pinching in or out. Alternatively you can change it in the settings: App Settings >> Room Cell Size.

Is it possible to change the source (input) icon?

You can choose your favorite icon for each source (input): Settings >> Room >> Edit Source >> Tap icon.

How can I setup a widget?

IOS devices: Swipe down >> Press Edit on Widget >> Add MusicCast.

(Android device: Procedure varies depending on model. Check your smartphone manual.)

Is it possible to combine other apps like YouTube with the MusicCast App?

Press the settings icon >> Select the Room >> Add App Shortcuts. You can find the shortcut icon on the Now Playing screen to jump to the combined App.

How can I make the response of the volume control quicker?

Press the Settings icon >> App Settings >> Turn off "Volume fade control".

Can I use the volume button on my iOS devices?

Press Setting icon >> App Settings >> Turn on “Control volume with iOS buttons".


How can I link rooms to stream the same music to multiple rooms?

Press the Link icon on the room screen. First select the master room from which to distribute music to other rooms, then select the rooms to link. You will see the merged room cells on the room screen.

How can I de-link rooms?

Press the Link icon in the merged room cell. You can remove the room from the Link.

How can I distribute external sources such as TV, CD / Blu-ray Player, turntable or USB device to multiple rooms?

Any connected external source can be shared among MusicCast devices. Input terminals vary depending on model. Check the product website. Phono input required for turntable.

What is the procedure for distributing external source to multiple rooms?

Link the rooms where you want to distribute music. Choose the room where an external source is connected as the Master room. Press merged room cell and select the source (input) to which the external source is connected. Then start the external source, such as TV or Blu-ray Player. Alternatively, start the external source first, then Link rooms and select source.

Note: operation of the external source should be done by its remote control.

How can I pair my smartphone and a MusicCast device by Bluetooth®?

Select the room (device) you want to pair and select Bluetooth on the source (input) screen. Exit from the MusicCast app. Enter the setting menu of your smartphone and turn on Bluetooth and pair with your MusicCast device. Once you finish pairing you don't have to repeat same procedure. From the second time just select Bluetooth on the source (input) screen in the MusicCast app.

How can I enjoy YouTube™ and other music apps on my smartphone?

You can enjoy with AirPlay® ( iOS device only) or Bluetooth. In case of Bluetooth firstly complete pairing (refer to the above). In the MusicCast app press room and Bluetooth on the source (input) screen. Then close the MusicCast app and start the app from which you want to stream music. Alternatively, start and play the content first, then enter the MusicCast app and select room and Bluetooth. You can use the Link function for Bluetooth streaming.

How can I stream music from a MusicCast device to my Bluetooth headphones or speakers?

It's possible to stream music from MusicCast devices to Bluetooth headphones or speakers, including other brands. On the "Now Playing Screen" you will see "Sound Setting icon" next to the volume control. Press it and the setting menu will come up. Press "Bluetooth Transmission" at the bottom and pair with your Bluetooth device. Note: this function is not available in the following cases: DSD content or Link mode with high resolution audio files (over 48 kHz), when the source is streamed via Bluetooth. The sound may be intermittent when streaming sound over a wall or to 10m away. There are some delay between devices.

Are MusicCast products compatible with AirPlay?

All MusicCast products have AirPlay. You can enjoy any content on your iOS device. The Link function is not available for AirPlay. Use a Bluetooth connection in this case.

How can I add songs to "Favorites"?

On the "Now Playing" screen, press the "Share" icon (box with arrow). You will see "Add to Favorites".

How can I sort Favorites?

Press and hold the song or station name.

How can I add a song to Queue?

Press and hold the song. >> Choose Queue from the menu. Press the Queue icon on the "Now Playing" screen to check which songs are in Queue.

How can I create a Playlist?

Press and hold the song. >> Choose Playlist from the menu.

How can I create a Playlist from a Queue list?

Press the Queue icon on the "Now Playing" screen >> Press the save icon (Android: Press option menu).

Is there a way to turn off all devices at once?

Yes. Press the tab next to Rooms.

Can I mute all devices at once?

Yes. Press the tab next to Rooms.

Is there a managment screen to control volume and power for all rooms?

Yes. Press the tab next to Rooms.

How do I set up Stereo Pair?

Stereo Pair is available for the WX-030 and WX-010. Refer to the following link for the setup procedure.

Which music sources can be listed in Recents?

All network music sources except Spotify and music in smartphones.

How do I open the App with the same screen that I closed it with?

Press the Settings icon, then activate "Launch with recent screen".

How do I change the sound settings?

On the "Now Playing" screen, you will see the "Sound Setting" icon next to the volume control. Parameters vary depending on model.

Can I use the Zone function of my AV receivers?

Yes. Press the settings icon on the room screen and enter the room. You can activate the Zone function and the Zone cell will come up on the room screen. Press and hold Zone cell and enter the Setting menu for renaming. You can add 10 zones in addition to the main zone. (Sum of AV receiver's zones 2 / 3 / 4)

System Requirements and Supported Audio Formats

Which OS are supported for smart devices?

iOS7.1, Android™ 4.1 or later.

Can MusicCast stream high resolution audio formats over 48kHz?

All MusicCast products support WAV / AIFF / FLAC 192 kHz, 24-bit and Apple® Lossless 96 kHz. Certain models also support DSD 5.6 MHz. For the support details of each model, see “Products.”

Can MusicCast stream high resolution audio formats to multiple rooms simultaneously?

Yes, you can stream high resolution audio files to multiple rooms using the Link function. Master room playback is at the native sampling rate and other rooms down-convert to 48 kHz. The Link function is not available for DSD content.

How can I connect my MusicCast devices with the Extend mode?

Create a wired LAN connection to at least one device, and the Extend mode will be entered automatically. Details of the Extend mode can be found in the "About MusicCast" tab.

How many devices can be controlled?

10 devices.


MusicCast does not work.

Check if your Smartphone is connected to the router with which the MusicCast devices are connected.

Sound is intermittent when streaming 88.2 kHz-192 kHz audio files.

Under weak wireless conditions, the streaming of 88.2 kHz-192 kHz audio files can be unstable. We recommend using a wired LAN connection for high resolution audio files.

Sound is intermittent when streaming music via Bluetooth.

1. Router is off. Turn on router.

2. No WiFi signal is available, so the device is searching for a signal. Disable the WiFi function on the device.

Cannot control MusicCast device using the Extend mode.

Check if your smartphone is connected via a router. The MusicCast app will not work in a room where a WiFi signal is not available.

Cannot connect MusicCast device using the Standard mode.

First, set up the MusicCast device wirelessly. If you set up the other device first with a wired connection, it will automatically enter the Extend mode.

FW update (network update) failed.

Stop streaming music and try the network update again.

Cannot find the room (device) on the room screen which I set up.

Check to see if the power cable is connected to an AC outlet.

Sound is intermittent when linking rooms.

This can occur under poor WiFi conditions. Select "Stability Boost" under Settings >> Master Room >> Link Control. In this mode the delay between rooms increases.

Failure in Initial Setup (Add New Device) with an iOS Smartphone.

In poor WiFi conditions Initial Setup can take more time or fail to complete. In the WiFi setting screen on your Smartphone make sure that "MusicCast Setup" is checked and the WiFi Icon (radio wave icon) on the top left is turned on. Failure can occur if you close the WiFi setting screen before the WiFi Icon is turned on.

Is there a way to reduce latency between MusicCast devices when streaming an external source to other rooms?

AV Receivers, Sound Bar, Sound Base: Be sure that Audio Sync is on (Settings >> Room >> Link control). There is no latency between MusicCast devices in this mode.

Other products: Activate Speed Boost. Press Settings >> Room where the external source is connected >> Link Control. Latency becomes less than half although there will still be some delay. Wired connection for all rooms in Link is recommended in this mode because the sound can be intermitant.

Sound delays to TV when streaming an external source to other rooms.

Sound latency to TV increases if you get audio through the TV. If the source is Blu-ray Player or Settop box, connect those with MusicCast devices directly. Analog connection is better if available. If not, choose Lip Sync mode ( Settings >> Room >> Link Control ). Audio latency between MusicCast devices increases instead.