EMG HZ Pickups for RGX420DZII

The EMG H4 selected for RGX420DZII combines the power of the legendary EMG 81 with the soul of a passive PAF humbucker. Overwound coils produce tight bass, glassy mids and crunchy highs with minimal noise, great responsiveness and sweet harmonics.

Ceramic Open Humbucking Pickups for RGX220DZ/121Z

Ceramic magnets are used for their wider range and power. These pickups produce a clearer distortion tone.


Double Locking System for RGX420DZII/220DZ

Double locking system used on the nut and tremolo unit deliver tuning that is stable even under heavy tremolo use.

Thin Neck

Thin and wide neck is fast and easy to play making them a great choice for technical players.