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Throughout a uniquely prolific 130-year history of manufacturing world-class musical instruments and audio products, Yamaha has maintained a singular vision of providing artists with the tools and technologies to deliver their best performances with ease and enjoyment, while ensuring their audience is impacted by the full expressive power of every note they play. A live musical performance creates a special connection between artist and audience, allowing both to be swept away in the sounds, emotions, and irreplaceable moments that inspire us all as lovers of music. Yamaha's Active Field Control technology was designed to naturally enable and enhance this special bond and unite every person in a venue— from the stage to the exits— in the unmistakable magic that only a live music performance can provide.

AFC from Yamaha.

Strengthen the connection and savor the experience.

What is AFC?

Active Field Control (AFC) enhances the sound of a space while making use of the natural acoustic properties of the existing structure. Unlike approaches that add artificial reverb to the source sound to create a different impression, AFC employs technology developed over many years to control sound propagation within the actual space so that reverberation and volume can be altered while the natural sounds of musical instruments and voices are maintained.

Relatively dead acoustic spaces such as event spaces, assembly halls, and banquet rooms that don’t have much reverberation are fine for speech, but if a performance of classical music is held in such spaces the sound lacks depth, making difficult for the performers and audience to enjoy the sound. An AFC system can create an ideal sonic environment without the need for structural renovations.


  • Yamaha AFC

Not suitable for musical performance

(Minimal reverberation)


  • Yamaha AFC

Ideal for musical performance

(Increased reverberation)

The Pursuit of Immersive Experience and AFC

How can we maximize the performer’s experience of playing a musical instrument as well as the audience’s enjoyment of the music created? Yamaha has approached this fundamental question from many angles.

In 1969 Yamaha launched acoustic consulting activities intended to find the ideal relationship between performer, audience, and space, and that quest has led to a deep understanding of acoustic technology in general, including structural acoustics, electronic acoustics, and noise control. The result is a solution we call AFC.

AFC has been gradually refined since it was initially introduced about 30 years ago as an acoustic design tool for customers who wanted to use a single space for multiple purposes. In its current form, AFC4 features advanced 96 kHz processing capability that supports outstanding sound and space control.

Yamaha AFC

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