AG06MK2 Live Streaming Mixer

Yes it supports the ASIO driver. It is necessary to install the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver on Windows. After installation, you can use DAW software that supports ASIO, e.g. Cubase AI and WaveLab Cast. On Mac, it is not necessary to install a driver. The default OS driver will work.

AG06MK2, AG03MK2, and AG01 are compatible with mobile batteries (5 V 900 mA). However, we do not guarantee that all types of mobile battery will work.

The following items are necessary to connect an iPhone/iPad with AG Series products.

- Lightning-USB camera adapter/USB-C Digital AV Multiport adapter

- Mobile Battery (5 V 900 mA, connected to the USB-C port on the console/microphone) for electricity

*The iOS version of the AG Controller can be downloaded from the App Store.

Basically, there is no difference in the functions. The major differences are the number of I/O connectors and the types and number of control switches and knobs. The AG06MK2 supports the simultaneous use of two condenser microphones. The AG03MK2 also has a 60mm fader for CH1.

A switch used to lower the input signal level. Turn the LINE switch on when the input signal is distorted or the level is too high.

It is the switch to turn on/off for the equalizer and the compressor which can adjust the sound quality and minimize the variation on volume respectively.

It is necessary to install the USB driver to connect the console/microphone to a PC. To install the USB driver, please refer to the following.

"AG DSP Controller" is for use with older products in the AG series (AG06/03). Please install "AG Controller" for use with AG06MK2/AG03MK2/AG01.

The audio signal input to CH1 and CH2 (Ch 2G for AG03) will be sent to a PC/iPad connected directly via USB. These signals will not be affected by the level knob/fader. Also, the signal input to ch 1 and 2 can be recorded separately.

The audio signal input to the console and mixed on stereo will be sent to the PC/iPad. Signal input from the computer will not be sent.

The audio signal input to the console and the playback on the computer will be mixed on stereo and send to the PC/iPad. Mainly for use in internet streaming.

When the MIX MINUS is switched on, the audio signal input to Ch 1and 2 (Ch 2G for AG03) will no longer be output from the output port on the console.

The signal will not be output from the output port, but can still be sent to the PC/iPad. MIX MINUS is usually used when direct monitoring is not necessary.

Connecting the optional Yamaha FC-5 footswitch to the console allows the user to control on/off for the REVERB/CH1 MUTE with the footswitch. The settings to be controlled by the footswitch can be configured in AG Controller.

Check the USB type-c connection you are using.

- If you are only using bus power supply from a PC/iOS device, try connecting a USB power adapter to the 5 V DC terminal.

- If you are using a USB adapter power supply, please check its power specifications to ascertain the amount of power it can supply.

*The new AG requires 900 mA for stable operation.

Please check if there is anything inserted into the Headset Mic input. The CH1 and Headset Mic inputs cannot be used at the same time. The Headset Mic input has higher priority.

Please check if there is anything inserted into the Headset output. The Headphone output and Headset output of the AG series cannot be used at the same time. The Headset output has higher priority.

The audio signals are looping.

Use the following methods to fix this.

For DAW software: Please set the STREAMING OUT switch to MIC or INPUT MIX (not LOOPBACK).

For Live Streaming software: Turn off the monitor switch on the live streaming software.

The audio signals from PC and console are overlaped.

To fix this, you may use the following methods.

For DAW: Switch on MIX MINUS (MIC).

For live streaming software: Turn off the monitor switch in the live streaming software.

Please check if the GAIN level is too high or the LINE switch is off. Also, please try to speak onto the microphone.

Press the [MIX MINUS (MIC)] switch to turn on. [MIX MINUS (MIC)] switch prevents duplex sound when user is broadcasting over the internet. However, the noises from headphones can be attenuated with turning on [MONITOR MUTE] switch. If [MIX MINUS (MIC)] switch is turned on, the sound of CH1 and CH2 (only the case of 2G GUITAR switch is turned on for AG03) will not be heard.

Please install AG Controller to adjust the EFFECT parameters. The only control available on the AG is ON/OFF.

The AMP SIM is a short name of the Amp Simulator function name for AG03MK2 and AG06MK2.

It can be adjusted on the dedicated software "AG Controller".

The AG06MK2 also has a physical button on CH2 for switching AMP sim on/off instead of COMP/EQ.