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The origins of Yamaha’s prolific keyboard instruments date back to 1887 when Torakusu Yamaha first repaired a reed organ. Later, Nippon Gakki (now Yamaha) was founded, and production of upright pianos began in 1900. Yamaha grew to become the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments.

Later shifting focus to electronic keyboard instruments, Yamaha developed our first electronic organ in 1959, the Electone D-1. Over the years that followed, the company developed the Electone GX-1, the CP-70/80 stage pianos, and the CS-80 synthesizer. In 1979, Yamaha released the company’s first portable keyboards, the PS-1, 2 and 3, as well as the piano-type GS-1 electronic keyboard, and in 1983 debuted the YP-30, the first in the Clavinova series. This series would become the international standard for the digital pianos that followed.

Yamaha’s electronic keyboards are renowned throughout the world thanks to their beautiful sounds, superior playability, functionality that reflects the essence of musical instrument performance, and their superb level of quality control. This high level of quality and value is made possible largely due to the company’s extensive knowledge and skills accrued from manufacturing not just keyboards, but a wide variety of string, percussion, and acoustic instruments as well.

In 2007, Yamaha released the PSR-I425, a keyboard that was designed specifically for performers of Indian music, with the PSR-I500, I400 and I300 released in succession afterwards.

To this day Yamaha continues to contribute to the music culture of India in many ways, including sales of products that are recognized as Trinity-grade instruments.

The PSR-I Series is designed specifically for players of Indian music. This series offers a full array of advantages for keyboardists playing Indian music, including authentic Indian instrument sounds, auto accompaniment perfect for playing Indian music from a variety of regions and Indian films, Songs for practicing Raga scales, a “Riyaz” feature for auto-playback of Tabla / Mridangam and Tanpura sounds, and more.

Indian Voices

The instrument sounds that are featured on Yamaha’s digital keyboards are called “Voices.” To add to the wide variety and beauty of these Voices, our instruments are renowned for their ability to recreate dynamics and make realistic changes in sound based on how they are played. This authenticity of sound and performance stems from Yamaha's unique experience and the intimate knowledge gained from manufacturing the actual instruments that are featured on our keyboards. Our Indian models include traditional instrument sounds such as harmoniums, shehnai, sarangi and more, that are indispensable for playing Indian music.

Indian Styles

Players can use the auto accompaniment “Style” feature available on our keyboards to play rhythms and accompaniment in a variety of genres to match the chords they play. The quality of this auto accompaniment feature is so impressive that it is even used by professional musicians. These auto accompaniments have been created by Yamaha over many years in consultation with top musicians in each genre and with local artists who have a deep knowledge of a wide variety of styles in many different countries, as well as through ongoing research. Our Indian keyboards include a large number of auto accompaniment Styles that are optimal for use in playing popular Indian music, including traditional music from regions like Bhajan and Bhangra, Styles often used in Indian films.

Raga Songs

Our digital keyboards feature many standard songs from around the world, that you can not only enjoy listening to, but also download songbooks to play them from the Yamaha website, or use the keyboard lesson function to master songs step by step. Our Indian keyboards feature many practice Songs that let players learn the traditional Raga scales, step by step. These features are also perfectly suitable for vocal training.


The Riyaz feature lets players perform melodies along with auto accompaniment of Tabla / Mridangam, Tanpura. Variations can be changed in the middle of a song as it unfolds, and the tempo and pattern can be set accordingly.


Professional-level keyboards that significantly widen the scope for individual performance and composing.





The Styles offered on this keyboard include traditional Indian instrument sounds and music from each region. Designed for use in Indian music, the keyboard includes a “Riyaz” function for playing back Tabla / Mridangam and Tanpura sounds.

PSR-I500: The perfect keyboard for performing Indian music onstage, featuring quick sampling and other functionality.

PSR-I400: An ideal keyboard for learning Indian music.

PSR-I300: The entry-level instrument in the PSR-I series, for those just starting to enjoy Indian music.


This is Yamaha’s keytar series, worn over the shoulder and played while standing. These instruments feature an onboard Jam function that allows even people with no previous experience to enjoy playing instantly.

SHS-500: This higher-end model features more Voices and effects for even more fun.

SHS-300: An entry model for the SHS Series, this keyboard lets even absolute beginners enjoy the fun of playing.


  Genos PSR-SX900 PSR-SX700 PSR-SX600 PSR-E473 PSR-EW425 PSR-E373 PSR-EW310 PSR-E360 PSR-E273 PSR-I500 PSR-I400 PSR-I300 PSR-F52
Number of Voices 1710 1873 1507 1373 820 820 622 574 400 401 801 764 644 136
Indian featured Voices 8 7 7 7 13 13 14 14 13 13 40 30 30 12
Number of Styles 550 525 400 415 290 290 205 165 130 143 282 218 224 158
Indian featured Styles - 2 2 2 11 11 11 11 11 8 50 35 30 10
Number of Songs 20 5 5 3 30 30 154 154 112 112 60 115 164 69
Raga Songs - - - - - - - - - - 20 15 10 -
Touch Response Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Pitch bend wheel / Joystick Joystick Joystick   Pitch bend wheel Pitch bend wheel Pitch bend wheel No No No No Pitch bend wheel Pitch bend wheel Pitch bend wheel No
Features Ultimate flagship Chord Looper, Vocal Harmony Joystick   Groove Creator, Quick Sampling Groove Creator, Quick Sampling Touch response keyboard Touch response keyboard Touch response keyboard, E360DW: Walnut wood finish, E360MA: Maple finish Quiz mode, SFX sounds Riyaz, Quick Sampling Riyaz Riyaz Lite, Super Articulation Lite -

Voice & Style Expansion Pack

Voice & Style Expansion Packs enable you to customize the PSR-SX series with a wide range of additional content. Here we introduce three packs that focus on Voices and Styles for Indian music.

Indian 2

This is a Voice and Style Expansion pack for Indian music, with Voices from instruments that are a must-have for Indian music, together with Styles that perfect for performing music from every region in India.

Indian Devotional Pack 1

The Indian Devotional pack is a classic collection of soul touching Styles & Voices best suited for use in spiritual & religious places. World class multi-cultural rhythms like Bhajans, Aartis, Sufi, Moksha & Qawwali's meant for worshipping in Temples, Churches, Gurudwaras, & other meditation centers.

Indian Entertainer

This entertainer pack captures the sound of old and new India. Experience a dynamic playing experience with inspiring sounds and styles. Includes: Soft Ghazals, Film Songs, Pop, Soulful Ballads and more.


Trinity is an internationally recognized music skills certification.

This certification pertains to musical knowledge and performance abilities with a wide range of instruments such as vocals, percussion and electronic keyboards. Trinity is emphasized in music education and is currently being added as a criterion for review on school entrance exams. It is also advantageous for aspiring musicians who are building their career.

Yamaha keyboards meet the required specifications for Trinity, and are recommended for people taking Trinity examinations.

Make in India

Yamaha has a long history of strict quality control, with decades of dedication to world-class quality and durability. Yamaha keyboards have undergone a variety of durability tests ranging from exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity, to dropping the keyboards, and pressing the keys aggressively over extended periods of time, among other tests.

In 2019, Yamaha opened a new factory in Chennai.

Some of our keyboards, including Indian models, are produced in this state-of-the-art facility, and the products shipped from here all meet Yamaha’s rigorous quality standards as with our other factories.

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